Vancouver Island as a Tourist Destination

In recent years, more tourists are being welcomed to Vancouver Island. In the past people were scared that large numbers of people would endanger the rare ecosystems. However the financial reward is so great that the money earned from tourism can be used to manage the land and educate the general population about the natural environment they live in. Vancouver is a popular place to visit is it provides a wide number of different activities which means the island is able to satisfy a wide range of people’s tastes. They could be looking for a beach holiday or adventures activities or cultural visits or wildlife spotting the Island is a great venue to satisfy all of these tastes.

For people who are looking to just find a beach and maybe do a bit of surfing then Tofino is the ideal destination. The town is situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island and only has 1800 residents. However, in the summer months its population swells with incoming tourists.

Whales in Tofino

Whales in Tofino

They are attracted by a number of events and one of the most popular is whale watching which takes place every year during March. For the past 32 years the Pacific Rim Whale Festival takes place so that people can be educated about the grey whale. During this time of the year the grey whales migrate from the Arctic to Mexico and travel past the Tofino coastline making them easily visible from the shore. The festival includes activities such as lectures about the whales and art displays that specialize in pictures of the whales.

A professional surfer competing in Tofino

The resort attracts many of the nation’s surfers. In October 2017 it hosted the first ever ASP event to be held in the country with the O’Neill Coldwater Surf Classic running for 7 days plus the national surfing championships have been held at Tofino for the last 10 years. A lot of visitors come to Vancouver Island with the intention of exploring the wilderness. There are numerous paths, trails and camp sites that allow people the freedom to go and explore nature in its natural state.

A professional surfer competing in Tofino

There are numerous animals that roam freely around the Island. The brown bear and deer are the most popular for the visitors to see. There are numerous national parks on the Island that as well provide the paths and the campsites, also educate visitors in how to enjoy the region without damaging the natural ecosystem. The Island over the centuries has been sculpted by glaciation and this has left behind a landscape full of lakes, rivers and steep cliffs. This has been the playground to many who enjoy outdoor adventure. The rivers and the sea have provided a playground for canoers, kayakers and even fishermen, when the boats don’t scare away the fish.

Rock climbers come to Vancouver to take on the highest mountains, as well as the steepest cliffs. Many outdoor centre have taken advantage of the many fine climbs available, and there are numerous organized trips and holidays available. Many people visit the Island to appreciate its culture. Whether it be the local food, the city’s architecture or the life style of the First Nations people will often chose to stay in one of the major settlements, such as Victoria, in order to explore the way of life of the people who occupy Vancouver.

There is not one typical type of holiday that dominates tourism in the region. Some people are happy to charter a boat and go looking for dolphins while others are keen to rent a bike in order to search for the tallest tree they have ever seen. There is so much to do and any holiday on Vancouver Island is as good as the tourist wants to make it.


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