The Pacific Rim National Park

Many people visiting Vancouver Island do so for the breathtaking natural scenery. Vancouver Island displays nature in its most raw form, and it is all awesome. None more so than the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

This impressive chunk of nature highlights British Columbia’s beautiful wilderness and features expansive brooding forests as well as miles of windswept and wave-lashed beaches. Perfect for the amateur photographer to capture nature in its true form.

The Pacific Rim National Park is comprised of three elements, including the Broken Group Islands, Long Beach, and the ever popular West Coast Trail. A good piece of advice before setting out to explore is to visit the Pacific Rim Visitors Center which can point you in which direction you should go.

Long Beach

As mentioned before the park is made up of three elements and Long Beach is the most northerly of them all. It skirts the fringes of Vancouver Island and is a thirty-five thousand acre chunk of raw nature. The beaches are simply awesome and are fronted by a temperate coastal rain forest. Since 2000 it has been part of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Long Beach coast runs from Ucluelet to the small town of Tofino with plenty of space for surfers, marine enthusiasts, and beachcombers.

Long Beach Hideout

Long Beach Hideout was only discovered in 1959 when a road was constructed across the middle of the island. And a beach became accessible that was hardly known before. Soon the hideout became a popular place for surfers, hippies, and even draft dodgers until around 1970.Today Long Beach Hideout still retains a very laid-back vibe, and is a magnet for backpackers and gap students.

Broken Group Islands

If you intend to visit the Broken Group Islands then be prepared to take a boat. The islands can be found by sailing directly east from Ucluelet towards Barkley Sound. There you can find over a hundred enchanting and rugged little islands which are perfect for kayaking. In over twenty-seven thousand acres of ocean there are only thirteen thousand acres of land, and these can only be accessed by boat.

West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail is the most southerly part of the Pacific Rim National Park, and it gets its name from the colossal forty-seven mile trail which is ideal for hiking. The trail takes your through an amazing and unspoiled rain forest as you walk from Bamfield to Port Renfrew.

Originally the trail was made back in 1907 as a rescue route for shipwrecked sailors after a terrible event when the good ship Valencia was blown onto a reef during a storm. Over a hundred and twenty souls perished that night near Pachena Point.

These three great natural areas make up the Pacific Rim National Park, and the common themes of all three are the native Nuu-chah-nulth culture, rain forests, and of course the sea. It is a part of the world that words really cannot describe and the only way to get an idea of how magnificent this part of Canada actually is by going there.


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