Hiking trails in Vancouver Island

Mountains, forests, coastline, glaciers, and lakes – Vancouver Island has it all. That’s why this place is just perfect to take a hiking tour. Many ways are prepared for professional hikers and for beginners as well, so don’t worry if you are unprepared – you still can enjoy the views that are going to take your breath away. You can take a short half-day route to explore one of the valleys or a few hundred kilometers long ways up to the mountains along the coastline. So, prepare your bag, disconnect your phone and feel the healing power of nature again.

Hiking trails in Vancouver Island
Hiking trails in Vancouver Island

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, Port Renfrew

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail along the west coastline is approximately 47 km long and it is offered to finish it in two days. Of course, you can do it in one day as well, but the coastline landscape is extremely calm and beautiful, so you supposed to take some time to admire it. The trail goes through open beach areas, shorelines, and forest of Sitka. Don’t miss an opportunity to take a stroll through some dense forest and towering trees. Also, we offer you to explore the China Beach which is nothing but the pure beauty of nature. The easiest part of this trial is the area of Port Renfrew but it is getting more and more difficult as you head south.

Coast Trail, East Sooke Park

The professional hikers are calling this trial one of the best in Canada even if the whole length is just around 10 km. However, these few kilometers can be a really difficult task even to experienced ones as the trail goes through the peaks of the Olympic Mountains across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, so there are a lot of ups and downs through the rocks. Later you might cross the dark forest of a few hundred years old pines and endless rows of ferns in a lush ravine. Basically, these 10 kilometers can offer you more surprises than other trials of 50 km or longer. Of course, the magically beautiful views of the landscape are included.

West Coast Trail

This trial might be the most difficult one from this list as it is 75 km long and goes through the coastline, rocks, rivers, forest, and mountains. Some parts are high so you might be dealing with snow or icy ground. It is possible to choose the whole distance or just half of it if you aren’t a professional one. However, the half is also very challenging, so don’t worry – you’ll get enough stress. Make sure you have all permits to cross some National Parks and book everything in advance because the hiking season for this trial is restricted: May 1 – Sept. 30.

Paradise Meadows Loop Trail

The title of this trial couldn’t be more precise as it is more than 4 kilometers easy path full of beautiful views. The trail goes through the hills and meadows by the riverside. You might take up to 2 hours to finish the distance and you don’t need any specific preparation or equipment. The trailhead is located at the Mount Washington Ski area.


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