Great Things to Do on Vancouver Island

Right over on the extreme west coast of Canada you can find Vancouver Island. In fact it is the largest island on the Pacific Coast and is immensely popular with residents and visitors alike. Because of its geographical position Vancouver Island has a mild coastal climate which attracts people the whole year round.

Vancouver Island has a splendid landscape with a rugged coastline, mountains and lakes and even a rainforest. There are small villages dotted about where you can find accommodation and entertainment, and the capital of the island Victoria is as picturesque as you can get.

If you love hiking then Vancouver Island is perfect, and the famous West Coast Trail is legendary in Canada. But there are also many other great things to do and see on this wonderful island.

Butchart Gardens

If you like flora then you cannot help from being impressed by these colorful exotic gardens. Located just outside of Victoria in a former quarry is the mightily impressive Butchart Gardens. The gardens were the idea of Jennie Butchart back in 1904, and it is a wonderful place to get back to nature and enjoy the trees, pathways and the many colorful flowers. You can even visit in the evenings as the whole place is lit up with fabulous lighting, and if you are fortunate to go at Christmas it is a veritable winter wonderland.


Many people visiting Vancouver Island also want to see the majestic Pacific Rim National Park, and if you travel to the small fishing village of Tofino you will find that is the perfect place to start your adventure. Tofino is one of the oldest villages on the West Coast, and it gives an impression of isolation and desolation.

The oceans views from Tofino are to die for, and for people who want to get away from the tourist throng this is the place. There are a few quaint hotels, one or two surf shops and a couple of restaurants and that is about it. A perfect place for some quality R&R.

The Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim National Park is made up of a long stretch of coastline, with a rugged shoreline and some perfect beaches. It is a haven for surfers and for those people that like big sunsets as some of the very best on the West Coast can be found here.

Beach-combing and surfing are the most popular pastimes here, but recently the oddly sounding storm watching has joined in on the tourist list. Storm Watching is best in the winter as large swells develop at sea and send awesome waves crashing onto the shore. It shows nature at its most raw and how violent it can be when unleashed.

There are many other things to experience on Vancouver Island such as the West Coast Trail, Wild Pacific Trail, Cathedral Grove, Clayoquot Sound, and Mount Washington Alpine Ski Resort. For those people who enjoy nature and the big outdoors then Vancouver Island is just perfect.


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